Ramblings of a Basket Case
i all i want is to be the “na-na-na’s” or the “o-woah-woah-o’s” to your “verse chorus verse”
maybe the steady rhythmic bass to back up your crazy riffs
is that too much to ask?

isn’t it such a goddamn shame that we’re in “love” if one can call it that but will never make anything of it…?

i love you that’s for sure, but  why does it seem like even tho you say you love me you don’t fucking show it ever?

why do i feel like i am a giant bother and that you would be better off without?

what happened to that boy who was so in love with a girl who got away that he went to all the places they went together and sat there in the rain and cried over her being with another man?

what happened to the boy who showed up on her doorstep on his birthday at six in the morning in the freezing cold just because he wanted to see her?

what happened to that boy who was so sweet and talked to her all the time and always held conversations?

what happened to that boy who told her how much she meant to him every chance he got? what happened to us?

i didn’t change, why did you?

i love you and i want to make you happy so why are you wasting our time pretending we are going to be together if we aren’t?

how could i be so stupid?

Even if you have
Even if you need
I don’t mean to stare
We don’t have to breed
We could plant a house
We could build a tree
I don’t even care
We could have all three
She said



artwork by chibird


artwork by chibird